The Details Should Be Paid Attention to During the Operation of Concrete Pump Hose

The Details Should Be Paid Attention to During the Operation of Concrete Pump Hose

Pump truck hose is also called concrete delivery hose, concrete conveyor hose, we commonly known as hose. The hose is mainly connected with the steel pump hose, which is located at the delivery end of the concrete pump truck, and is the rear link of the concrete output. When using concrete pump truck hose, we should also pay attention to operation skills. If not, it is easy to cause hose blockage or even explosion.

In order to ensure that the concrete can be smoothly mixed from raw materials to even until pumped to the site of pouring, it is necessary for the operator to master the operation of each step skillfully, and the construction safety precautions of each step should also be kept in mind to avoid safety risks.

Attention shall be paid to the following three aspects during hose operation:

1. Contact the front hose operator when starting or stopping pumping concrete. The bending radius of the front-end hose shall be longer than 1m, and the operator is not allowed to stand at the outlet of the pipe to prevent the sudden spraying of concrete materials from injuring people.

The delivery pipeline of concrete pump shall be fixed and padded firmly. It is strictly prohibited to bend the delivery hose to avoid hose explosion. When the pipeline is blocked and pumped after treatment, the end of the soft joint will swing rapidly, the concrete may be sprayed instantaneously, and the staff shall not be close to the hose.

Do not stand at the corner of the building, hold the hose at the end, shake the hose or spray the concrete, which may cause the operator to fall down.

2. Before the concrete is pumped by the concrete pump hose, the clear water shall be pumped first, and the pipe clamps shall be checked to ensure that the sealing is not water seepage. Then the pipeline lubricant shall be pumped, generally mortar or cement slurry can be used. Pour the mortar into the hopper for pressing. When the mortar is about to finish being pressed, it can be poured into the qualified concrete for normal pressing. If the mortar is blocked during pressing, remove the previous section of piping, take out the internal dehydration block, connect the pipings, and then it can operate normally.

3. During the operation of concrete pump truck, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the hopper and water tank. If the pumping is suspended for a long time, the pump shall be started every (15-30) mins, with 1-2 strokes of the reverse pump and 1-2 strokes of the positive pump, so as to prevent the concrete material in the concrete hose from condensation.

There are many precautions for concrete pump hose, which reminds us to check whether the hose safety chain is firmly connected with the boom frequently, and to prevent the rubber hose from bending and blocking during the operation of pump truck. We should obey safe operation standard, civilized construction and safe construction.

The above is about some of the items we need to pay attention to during the operation of concrete hose, and welcome to choose Haifeng’s high-quality concrete hose. If you have any questions, you can also contact us.