Hose Fittings

Hose Fittings

Suzhou seapeak dedicated to the manufacture of hose fittings. Our most common types include camlocks coupling, pin lug coupling, expansion ring coupling, bauer coupling, universal air hose fittings, Guillemin coupling, garden hose coupling, sand blast coupling, storz coupling, john morris coupling, machino coupling, nakajima coupling, ground joint coupling, uni coupling and forest coupling. Plus, we also offer a range of interlock clamp,  double bolt clamp, gear clamp, heavy duty clamp, spiral clamp, T-bolt clamp, foot valve, hose barb, sleeve, ferrule, kc nipple, whipcheck safety cable, hose mender and strainer. Pls contact us if you can't find your fittings in our product.

Hose Fittings Types

Seapeak-The Leading Hose Fitting Manufacturer
Seapeak-The Leading Hose Fitting Manufacturer
We have two manufacturing plants in East China (casting plant in Jiangsu and machining plant in Zhejing) with over 20 years of experience in production of hose coupling.
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance
    We have ISO9001 and CE certification. We have good reputation in manufacturing, engineering and sale of hose couplings and related accessories.
  • Variety of Hose Fittings Products
    Variety of Hose Fittings Products
    We produce camlock coupling, pin lug coupling, bauer coupling and universal coupling and so on, which serve many industries including: agriculture, manufacturing, construction, mine, marine and pharmaceutical.
  • Custom Hose Fittings
    Custom Hose Fittings
    Pls contact us if you can not find your coupling in our catalogue or website. We can produce new couplings as per your sample or drawing.
  • After-Sale Service
    After-Sale Service
    Pls contact us if you have any question in couplings. We are very pleased to answer you any time. Pls inform us if you meet any problems in use of our hose couplings. Our technical support will be available in time.
Frequently Asked Questions on Hose Fittings

Frequently Asked Questions on Hose Fittings

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