Mill Hose

Mill Hose

Mill hose is rubber lined and jacketed hose, which is economical and easy to handle.

The jacket shall of SEAPEAK mill hose is evenly and firmly woven and free from visible defects, thread knots, lumps and irregularities of twist. The warp will consist of high strength staple (spun)polyester yarns. The weft will be high strength, low elongation filament polyester. 

SUZHOU SEAPEAK is a professional manufacturer of mill hose in China. We have different types of mill discharge hose for sale. You can check mill hose types below. Or you can contact us directly.

Mill Hose for Sale

  • Single Jacket Mill Hose
    Single Jacket Mill Hose
    Single jacket mill hose is made of 100% polyester single jacket and smooth rubber tube. The hose is very flexible and resists high pressure. It has good resistance in rolling and age.
  • Double Jacket Mill Hose
    Double Jacket Mill Hose
    Features&Benefits: Double Jacket version – Provides greater abrasion resistance. Wide range of operating temperatures – Hose may be used in temperature from -25°F(-31℃)to 185°F(+85℃)without stiffening.
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Advantages of Mill Hose

Mill hose is ideal for open and discharge application and washdown service. Currently, we mainly supply two types of mill discharge hose, that is, single jacket mill hose and double jacket mill hose. Our single jacket mill discharge hose is made of 100% polyester single jacket and smooth rubber tube. That's why our single jacketed hose can be resistant to high pressure. This type of mill hose is ideal for water discharge, including fleet service, municipal washdown, and so on. As its name indicates, the double jacket mill discharge hose is of greater abrasion resistance than the single jacketed hose. Our double jacket mill hose can be operated under a wide range of temperatures. Therefore, double jacket mill diacharge hose is often used in construction pumps and wash down service on ships and in factories.

Mill Hose

Choose Us for Excellent Mill Discharge Hose

We are specialized in manufacturing mill hose. We pay great attention to each step of mill hose production. We use high-quality materials and professional manufacturing methods. We also have experienced employers. Both the color of the jacket and rubber lining can be customized. The length of  the mill hose is designed according to customers' requirements. Check our our single jacket mill hose and double jacket mill hose for additional information. If you have other questions, please contact us via or call us at 86-512-65309372.
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