PVC Nitrile Fire Hose
Red PVC Nitrile Fire Hose

PVC Nitrile Fire Hose

Material: The raw material is blended with nitrile/PVC, the main material is nitrile.

Warranty: 5 years warranty is available with proper conditions of stocking and usage.

Pressure:  Woking pressure:  10-30bar  Bursting pressure: 30-90bar

Color: Available with different colors: black, yellow, red, etc... Most of our customers choose black hose for industrial and agricultural purpose. Red and yellow hose for the fire fighting purpose.

Size: 3/4”-12”

  • Red PVC Nitrile Fire Hose
  • Black PVC Nitrile Fire Hose
  • Blue PVC Nitrile Fire Hose
  • Green PVC Nitrile Fire Hose
  • Yellow PVC Nitrile Fire Hose

Performance of PVC Nitrile Fire Hose

This product has better abrasion, chemical, UV, ozone resistance than PVC layflat hose. If the working conditions are rough, our PVC nitrile layflat hoses are reliable choice. 

Application of PVC Nitrile Fire Hose

Nitrile rubber hose can be widly used in industrial fluid delivery, fire fighting(UL and BS approved) and agricultural fields. Since this is the layflat hose, the hose is volume-saving. Longer layflat hose can be used than pipe due to easy take.

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