What are the Forms of Hose Fittings

What are the Forms of Hose Fittings

Some PVC hoses are commonly used in our life, but we still know little about PVC hose fittings. This article mainly introduces the forms of hose fittings.

The structure of the fittings can be divided into three categories: threaded type, flange type and quick type:

1. Threaded type: The hose fittings with a diameter of less than 50 mm are mainly threaded type under the condition of high working pressure. After tightening the thread, the inner and outer taper surfaces of the two fittings are closely matched to achieve sealing. The cone angle is generally 60 degrees, and 74 degrees is also useful. The structure has good sealing performance, but the concentricity of the two mating parts must be ensured during installation. In order to solve the problems of repeated disassembly, assembly, and concentricity that are often seen in actual projects, the fittings can also be designed to match the cone surface and the ball head.

2. Flange type: The hose fittings with a diameter of more than 25 mm is mainly flanged under the condition of withstanding general working pressure. It is sealed in the form of mortise and groove fit. The loose flange can rotate radially or slide axially to connect the two bodies under the action of the tension of the fastening bolt. The structure has good sealing performance, but the processing is difficult, and the sealing surface is easy to be damaged. In special occasions requiring quick release, the holes through which the fastening bolts pass can be cut to make quick release flanges.

3. Quick type: All kinds of hose fittings with a diameter of less than 100 mm are generally used in the quick loading and unloading conditions. It is usually sealed with an “O” seal ring made of fluoroplastic or special rubber. When the handle is moved at a certain angle, the claw finger equivalent to a multi-thread is locked; the tighter the "O" seal is pressed, the better the sealing performance. This structure is most suitable in fire scenes, battlefields and other occasions where quick loading and unloading is necessary. Within a few seconds, without using any special tools, you can connect or disconnect a set of connectors.

The above is only a brief introduction to the form of hose fittings. With the development of technology, we now have a variety of hose fitting parts to choose from. SUZHOU SEAPEAK CO.,LTD has provided various fitting parts, including camlock coupling, bauer coupling, ground joint coupling, etc. For more product information, please visit our product page or contact us directly at sales@sinohose.com.