Industries Served

Industries Served

  • Agricultural Agricultural
    Our hoses are widely used in agriculture as the main pipe for drip irrigation, drag hose for irrigator, water supply hose for long-distance water transportation.
  • Chemical Applications Chemical Applications
    Acid-resistant rubber Hose and PVC steel wire hose is the best choice for chemistry. They are used in conveying chemical solvents.
  • Manufacturing Manufacturing
    Our PVC hose and rubber hose are widely used in industry and manufacturing for water supply, air supply, or solid transportation.
  • Mine Mine
    From copper mine in Chile to gold mine in South Africa, we have many long-term clients for hose and fittings.
  • Snow Making Applications Snow Making Applications
    Our hose is available for the snow-making machine because of high pressure and cold-resistance.
  • Fire Applications Fire Applications
    Our polyester jacket fire hose, PVC/nitrile cover fire hose, and PVC fire reel hose are used as a hose for water supply in fire-fighting.
  • Petroleum Applications Petroleum Applications
    PU layflat hose is the best choice for petroleum due to high pressure and excellent length.
  • Paint Spray Applications Paint Spray Applications
    PVC spray hose, PVC air hose, and rubber air hose are widely used for an air compressor of paint.