Petroleum Applications

Petroleum Applications

The remote water supply hose is composed of an inner rubber layer, a fiber reinforced layer and an outer rubber layer. The TPU raw material and the fiber reinforced layer are formed by one extrusion and one molding through an extruder. The inner rubber layer and the outer rubber layer material are selected from functional polyurethane elastomers to have a sealing function, and have the characteristics of acid resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance.

At present, it is mainly used for large-scale fracturing in oil, shale gas and coalbed methane mining, which can achieve long-distance centralized water supply.
Advantages of remote water supply hoses:
1) The pipe is light in weight and can be coiled. The single length is up to 200m. It is easy to mechanize construction. It can be used in emergency situations and frequently transferred. It brings great convenience to transportation, storage and laying, saving a lot of manpower. Material resources.

2) The maximum length of a single root is 200m, which greatly reduces the number of pumping stations. Quick joints can be used for various harsh environments, which greatly improves work efficiency.

3) Advanced technology and material determine that the product has the characteristics of pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, and can save a lot of maintenance work even in harsh environments.

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