PVC/Nitrile Layflat Hose

PVC/Nitrile Layflat Hose

As a professional China PVC fire hose manufacturer, SUZHOU SEAPEAK has high-quality nitrile layflat hose for sale. With years of experience in nitrile layflat hose manufacturing, we have formed our own advantages among all the China PVC fire hose manufacturers. Check the specifications of our nitrile layflat hose for sale below.
  • Tube and cover: Nitrile/PVC Blend, ribbed cover
  • Reinforcement: high tenacity circular woven polyester Jacket
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue, green, Yellow, orange
  • Other color: available upon request
  • Manufacturing Technology: through-the-weave technology without delamination issues
  • Standard length: 15.24m (50ft), 30.48m (100ft), 60.96m(200ft), 91.44m (300ft), 100m(328ft) 200m(656ft),
Our PVC Nitrile Layflat Hose are widely used in Water discharge, Drainage, Irrigation installations, pumping of sludge and liquid fertilizers, Chemical industry, mine and so on.  The hose are popular due to heavy duty and abrasive assistance.

Pvc/Nitrile Layflat Hose for Sale

  • Low Pressure PVC/Nitrile Layflat Hose
    Low Pressure PVC/Nitrile Layflat Hose
    Our PVC/Nitrile layflat hose is made of PVC/Nitrile blend lining, ribbed cover and high tenacity polyester jacket. Thick wall and ribbed cover makes the hose best choice for rough condition.
  • Heavy Duty PVC Nitrile Layflat Hose
    Heavy Duty PVC Nitrile Layflat Hose
    Our heavy duty PVC/Nitrile layflat hose is produced in one step, through-the –weave construction. Its high working pressure is due to high-strength polyester filament.
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Advantages of PVC/Nitrile Layflat Hose

For PVC layflat hose or nitrile layflat hose, we currently mainly supply low pressure PVC/nitrile layflat hose and heavy duty PVC nitrile layflat hose. Our low pressure nitrile layflat hose made of PVC/Nitrile blend lining, ribbed cover and high tenacity polyester jacket. Thus the PVC layflat hose is strong enough to be used under tough conditions. Our heavy duty PVC nitrile layflat hose has a high-tensile PVC/NBR compound, which makes it possess excellent durability. It can be used under temperatures from -20℉ to 178℉ (-29℃ to 81℃)
PVC/Nitrile Layflat Hose

Choose Us for High-quality PVC/Nitrile Layflat Hose

SUZHOU SEAPEAK CO.,LTD is one of the most professional PVC layflat hose suppliers from China. We are specialized in manufacturing PVC water hose. We highly emphasizes the quality of our  PVC layflat hose. We use good quality raw materials and strictly control the manufacturing processes of PVC flat hose. We supply standard PVC nitrile layflat hose, but we still provide customized service. Customized colors and lengths are both available. If you still have any other questions about our PVC nitrile layflat hose, please contact us via sales@sinohose.com or call us at 86-512-65309372.
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