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Fire Applications

Fire hose pipe accessories include fire hose pipe coupling, hose wrap, hose hook, hose guard, interface, water separator, etc.

1 Water belt cloth is used to wrap the fire hose leaking place, which is one of the necessary accessories on the fire truck. It consists of a belt and a metal clamp.

2 Water hose hook is a tool for hanging fire hose. In the fire fighting, when the water belt is laid vertically to the high place, the water hose hook is used to hang the water belt on the ladder or other objects, which can reduce the drop force of the water belt, and It is convenient for the water gunner to operate the water gun to extinguish the fire. The hose hook is composed of a canvas belt, a metal hook and a half ring.

3 Water belt protection bridge is used to protect the water belt from crossing the traffic road. It does not affect the equipment of normal vehicles. It has the characteristics of high strength, pressure resistance and durability, and easy packing.

4 There are many types of fire hose pipe couplings, such as hose interface, pipe interface, reducer interface, profiled interface, and threaded interface. The fire hose pipe coupling is used for the connection of water belts and water jets, fire hydrants, fire pumps, water guns and other spraying devices. According to the structure, it can be divided into inner button type, insert type and thread type.

The purpose of the 5 water separator is to separate two or more water streams by one water flow; the second is to use as a switch, and the water separator can be used to open or close the water flow from the water belt line without going to the water pump. Switching is performed to shorten the time required to open and close the water flow, and to ensure the water supply in the fire. The water separator has three types of water separator, three water separator and four water separator.

High-pressure fire-fighting belts are usually made of high-strength and low-stretch polyester filaments. They are woven into tube blanks by double-loop circular looms, lined with rubber of l~3mm thickness or coated with a thin layer of high-molecular synthetic material inside and outside the tube blank. It has the characteristics of being able to withstand high pressure and no leakage, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and light weight. The commonly used nominal sizes of fire hoses are: φ65, φ80, φ90 and φ100mm. Each fixed length is 20m. The caliber is 100-150mm for low pressure drainage or water supply.

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