The stainless steel pump suction strainer installed at the end of the hose can remove large solid impurities in the fluid, so that the machinery, equipment and instruments can work and operate normally, so as to stabilize the technological process and ensure safety in production.

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Type of Hose Strainer

  • Long Thin Strainer
    Long Thin Strainer
    Long basket strainers are also supplied suitable for use with long cylindrical strainers. The baskets are fitted over the cylindrical strainers to act as primary filters when the water supply contains impurities.
  • Round Hole Strainer
    Round Hole Strainer
    Pump hose strainer with hole is produced in a range of sizes with standard fixed female suction round thread connections to NSPM, BSP, NST, NPSH and so on. The hole on our strainer is round.
  • Square Hole Strainer
    Square Hole Strainer
    Hose suction strainers with steel wire mesh in square hole is also supplied with female round thread suction inlet to various thread.
  • Tin Can Strainer
    Tin Can Strainer
    The hose strainer is built in long steel pipe. We can weld steel pipe to the strainer or assemble KC nipple to the strainer.
  • Plastic Strainer
    Plastic Strainer
    Plastic suction strainer, just as its name implies, is made of plastics, with the characteristic of light weight and low cost.
Hose Fittings

Characteristics of the Hose Strainer

The steel suction hose strainer has the advantages of compact structure, large filtration capacity, low pressure loss, wide application range, convenient maintenance and so on.

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