PVC Layflat Hose

PVC Layflat Hose

The PVC layflat hose is a kind of flexible hose pipe made of high strength polyester filament and high quality PVC.SUZHOU SEAPEAK, a professional PVC layflat hose supplier/manufacturer in China, is specialized in PVC flat hose pipe manufacturing and China lay flat hose wholesale. Our PVC flat pipe is of great resistance and lightweight, so our PVC flat hose is easy to use and transport. Weaving of hose jacket and extrusion of PVC are conducted at the same time. Besides, our China lay flat hose can be used as main hose of irrigation system. Lay flat hose 100m is best length for field. As an experienced PVC layflat hose manufacturer, SUZHOU SEAPEAK offers you high-quality PVC flat hose pipe. You can click and check our different types of PVC flat hose pipe below. If you have any questions about our PVC hose china flat PVC tubing, welcome to consult.

PVC Layflat Hose for Sale

  • Agricultural PVC Layflat Hose
    Agricultural PVC Layflat Hose
    Our PVC Lay-Flat Hose is a popular, durable hose which meets the demands of professional farmers everywhere. Heavy wall and high-strength polyester improve the working pressure.
  • Mine PVC Layflat Hose
    Mine PVC Layflat Hose
    SEAPEAK PVC layflat hose pipe standard length: 20m, 25m,30m, 40m, 50m, 100m, 25ft, 50ft, 100ft, 300ft. Application: water discharge designed for long lasting service. Temperature: -10°C + 60°C.
  • Industrial PVC Layflat Hose
    Industrial PVC Layflat Hose
    High strength polyester filament and quality PVC, it is successively winded, weave the threads regularly and molded by plastic coated once.
  • PVC Layflat Hose Assembly
    PVC Layflat Hose Assembly
    PVC layflat assembly method: stainless steel Band-It clamp and plated steel sleeve crimpe. Inner and outer layer of pvc flat pipe are extruded simultaneously to obtain high adhesive-strength
  • 1 Inch PVC Layflat Hose
    1 Inch PVC Layflat Hose
    The 1-inch PVC Layflat Hose is a versatile and practical tool designed for the efficient transportation of fluids, especially water, in various industries and applications.
  • 1 1/2 Inch PVC Lay Flat Hose
    1 1/2 Inch PVC Lay Flat Hose
    A 1 1/2 inch PVC lay flat hose refers to a specific type of lay flat hose made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material and having a diameter of 1 1/2 inches. PVC lay flat hoses are commonly used for water discharge applications, such as irrigation, construct
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Features of SEAPEAK's PVC Layflat Hose

When it comes to PVC layflat tubing, Suzhou SEAPEAK-SINOHOSE stands out as a reliable and professional supplier. Let's explore the exceptional features of our PVC layflat hose products:

  • Quality Materials: At SINOHOSE, we prioritize using top-quality materials in our PVC lay flat hoses.
  • Various Applications: As one of the most professional lay flat pipe suppliers in China, we offer different types of PVC layflat hoses that cater to diverse applications. 
  • Assorted Colors and Sizes: We understand that different applications require varying colors and sizes of PVC layflat tubing.

Advantages of PVC Layflat Hose

Quality Materials of PVC Layflat Hose

As a reliable PVC lay flat hose supplier, We use quality materials in our PVC layflat hose products. PVC lay flat hose pipe is manufactured with high tensile strength polyester fiber, which makes it one of the most dirable layflat hoses to be used in many fields. We adhere to use 100% virgin PVC and high tensile polyester yarn, which ensure the high quality of PVC flat pipe. Our workshop uses advanced equipment and manufacturing technique to produce high quality PVC lay flat tubing.

Various Applications of PVC Layflat Hose

As one of the most professional lay flat pipe suppliers in China, we produce different types of China PVC layflat hose, which can fit various applications. Our agricultural PVC layflat hose is reinforced with 3 ply polyester yarns. Since it is resistant to oils and many chemicals, this flat PVC hose can meet your requirements in agricultural application. Our Mine PVC water hose is made of premium quality materials, reinforced with two spiral plies. This type of PVC flat hose pipe is designed for long lasting service of heavy duty application, especially for mine industry. The industrial PVC layflat hose is acid & alkali resistant, anti-twist and environmentally friendly. There is definitely one PVC flat hose pipe that can meet your needs among all these types of PVC flat hose pipe. SEAPEAK, a PVC hose China layflat hose manufacturer, is honored to listen to your needs and provide you with high-quality PVC layflat hose pipe.

Assorted Colors and Sizes of PVC Layflat Hose

Different colors and sizes of China lay flat hose are needed for different applications. As a professional lay flat hose manufacturer, SEAPEAK also takes that into account. The longest length of the PVC layflat hose roll is 100m, which can be used for long distance water transportation. SEAPEAK, as a well-experienced lay flat hose supplier, can offer you PVC flexible discharge hose with customizable color and length.
PVC Layflat Hose

What is PVC Layflat Hose?

Layflat hose is a lightweight flexible PVC layflat hose used to transport liquids under pressure. Suitable for various applications such as drainage, water supply, irrigation and sprinkler systems. This can also be used for chemical transfer, such as liquid fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals. Our pvc lay flat hose pipe is made of polyester reinforced material, which is very flexible, not easy to kink and easy to transport when not in use.
The flat discharge hose is only suitable for open discharge applications, and the pressure rating is based on the discharge pressure of the pump unit. It should be noted that any significant increase in temperature above 20 ℃ may lead to a decrease in the working pressure value.
Flexible layflat pvc hose is compatible with any pump. It is suitable for drainage, water supply, irrigation, sprinkler system, etc. Unfolding and flattening the pvc lay flat discharge hose in a straight line can maximize the pumping capacity and avoid kinking during use. Simply roll it up for easy storage and transportation. It is made of PVC braid and polyester fibers, with durability, flexibility and reliability. Even if scratched or scratched on a rough surface, it will not leak. Our pvc layflat discharge hose can withstand working pressure up to 4 bar and bursting pressure up to 12 bar.

SEAPEAK - SINOHOSE PVC Lay Flat Hose Manufacturing

We adhere to use 100% virgin PVC and high tensile polyester yarn, which ensure the high quality of PVC flat pipes. Our workshop uses advanced equipment and manufacturing technique to produce high quality PVC lay flat tubing.

When it comes to PVC layflat tubing, SEAPEAK is at the forefront of manufacturing excellence. Our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every aspect of our production process. Here's why SEAPEAK is your trusted choice for PVC flat pipes:

  • Premium Materials: We adhere to using 100% virgin PVC and high tensile polyester yarn, guaranteeing the highest quality for our PVC flat pipes. By utilizing these top-grade materials, we ensure durability and longevity, meeting the rigorous demands of various industries. Rest assured, our PVC lay flat hoses will exceed your expectations.
  • Advanced Equipment and Techniques: At SEAPEAK, we believe in staying ahead of the curve. That's why our workshop is equipped with advanced machinery and manufacturing techniques. By leveraging cutting-edge equipment, we are able to produce PVC layflat tubing of exceptional quality, meeting international standards and industry requirements.
  • Fade-Resistant Colors: We import all our color powders from Japan, ensuring vibrant and fade-resistant colors for our PVC lay flat hose. You can trust that our pipes will maintain their visual appeal even when exposed to sunlight, making them suitable for outdoor applications.
  • High-Strength Industrial Filaments: To enhance the strength and resilience of our PVC layflat tubing, we utilize 1100D strong fibers industrial filaments. These filaments provide excellent tensile strength, ensuring that our pipes can withstand demanding conditions and heavy-duty applications.
  • Extensive Production Capacity: With over 20 production lines, we have the capacity to meet your PVC layflat hose needs efficiently and promptly. Our streamlined manufacturing process allows us to deliver large quantities without compromising on quality, ensuring timely supply for your projects.

SEAPEAK's PVC layflat tubing manufacturing is driven by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to produce high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Trust in our expertise, reliability, and dedication to delivering the best PVC layflat tubing in the industry.

Contact us today to experience the superior performance and durability of SEAPEAK's PVC layflat tubing. We are here to provide you with customized solutions that meet your specific requirements, backed by our years of experience and technological prowess.

Choose Us as Your Reliable PVC Layflat Hose Supplier

Are you in need of top-quality PVC layflat hoses for your various applications? Look no further! Suzhou SEAPEAK (SINOHOSE) is one of China's leading and most professional PVC layflat hose suppliers, bringing you years of industry expertise and a commitment to excellence.

At Suzhou SEAPEAK, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional PVC flat hose pipes manufactured using premium quality materials. Our dedication to utilizing high-grade materials ensures that our PVC flexible hoses are durable, reliable, and perform optimally in a wide range of industries and applications.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We have successfully exported our PVC layflat hoses to customers in America, Canada, Japan, the Middle East, and many other regions. The quality of our PVC lay flat hoses has been widely recognized and praised by our customers, establishing us as a trusted provider in the industry.

Whether you require PVC lay flat tubing for irrigation, mining, construction, or any other purpose, we have the perfect solution for you. Our extensive range of PVC layflat tubing is designed to meet diverse requirements and deliver superior performance in various conditions.

Application of PVC Layflat Hose

PVC layflat hoses find extensive applications across various industries due to their versatility and reliable performance. Here are some common applications of PVC layflat hoses:

  • Agriculture: PVC lay flat hoses are widely used for agricultural purposes such as irrigation, water transfer, and dewatering. Agriculture PVC Layflat hoses provide efficient water distribution and are resistant to chemicals and UV exposure, making them ideal for agricultural fields, gardens, and nurseries.
  • Construction: PVC layflat tubing is essential in construction projects for tasks like water pumping, drainage, and dewatering of excavations. Their lightweight and flexible nature allow for easy handling and installation, while their high-pressure capabilities enable efficient water flow on construction sites.
  • Mining: PVC lay flat hoses are employed in mining operations for water transfer, dust suppression, and slurry handling. Their durability, abrasion resistance, and high tensile strength make them suitable for the demanding conditions encountered in mining environments.
  • Firefighting: PVC layflat tubing is utilized in fire suppression and firefighting applications. They are designed to withstand high pressure and deliver water quickly to combat fires. Their lightweight construction enables easy deployment and maneuverability during emergency situations.
  • Industrial Applications: PVC layflat hoses are used in various industrial settings for fluid transfer, chemical handling, and general water discharge. They are resistant to acids, alkalis, and many chemicals, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Emergency Response: PVC lay flat hoses are often employed in emergency response situations, including flood control, disaster relief, and temporary water supply. Their flexibility and quick deployment capabilities make them essential tools for managing emergency situations effectively.
  • Pool and Spa Maintenance: PVC layflat hoses are utilized for draining and refilling pools, spas, and hot tubs. Their flexibility and smooth interior surface facilitate efficient water flow, ensuring proper maintenance and cleanliness of recreational water bodies.

These are just a few examples of the diverse applications of PVC layflat tubing. Their versatility, durability, and ease of use make them indispensable tools in numerous industries and settings.

SEAPEAK is an experienced PVC lay flat hose manufacturer that specializes in providing a wide range of PVC Lay flat hoses for various applications. Our product line includes agricultural PVC Layflat hoses, mine PVC Layflat hoses, industrial PVC Layflat hoses, and PVC Fire Hose Reel. With our expertise in the industry, we ensure that each type of PVC Lay flat hose is manufactured to the highest standards and is suitable for the intended application. Our commitment to using only top-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques guarantees the durability and reliability of our products. Choose SEAPEAK for all your PVC Layflat hose needs.

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