PVC Layflat Hose

PVC Layflat Hose

The layfat hose is a kind of flexible hose pipe made of high strength polyester filament and high quality PVC. Our PVC lay flat hose pipe is of great resistance and lightweight, so our flat hoses are easy to use and transport. Weaving of hose jacket and extrusion of PVC are conducted at the same time. It can be used as main hose of irrigation system. 100M is best length for field.

PVC Layflat Hose for Sale

  • Agricultural PVC Layflat Hose
    Agricultural PVC Layflat Hose
    Our PVC Lay-Flat Hose is a popular, durable hose which meets the demands of professional farmers everywhere. Heavy wall and high-strength polyester improve the working pressure.
  • Mine PVC Layflat Hose
    Mine PVC Layflat Hose
    Standard length: 20m, 25m,30m, 40m, 50m, 100m, 25ft, 50ft, 100ft, 300ft. Application: water discharge designed for long lasting service in heavy duty application such as mine. Temperature: -10°C + 60°C.
  • Industrial PVC Layflat Hose
    Industrial PVC Layflat Hose
    High strength polyester filament and quality PVC, it is successively winded, weave the threads regularly and molded by plastic coated once.
  • PVC Layflat Hose Assembly
    PVC Layflat Hose Assembly
    Assembly method: 1.stainless steel Band-It clamp2. Plated steel sleeve crimpeInner and outer layer are extruded simultaneously to obtain high adhesive-strength. Our polyester are special processed to...
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Advantages of PVC Layflat Hose

PVC hose is manufactured with high tensile strength polyester fiber, which makes it one of the most dirable layflat hoses to be used in many fields. The PVC water hose that we currently supply can be divided into agricultural PVC layflat hose, mine PVC layflat hose, and industrial PVC layflat hose. Our agricultural PVC layflat hose is reinforced with 3 ply polyester yarns. Since it is resistant to oils and many chemicals, this flat PVC hose can meet your requirements in agricultural application. Our Mine PVC water hose is made of premium quality materials, reinforced with two spiral plies. This type of PVC flat hose pipe is designed for long lasting service of heavy duty application, especially for mine industry. The industrial PVC layflat hose is acid & alkali resistant, anti-twist and environmentally friendly. The longest length of the PVC layflat hose roll is 100m, which can be used for long distance water transportation. The color and length  of our PVC flexible hose can be customized.

PVC Layflat Hose

PVC Lay Flat Hose Manufacturing

We adhere to use 100% virgin PVC and high tensile polyester yarn, which ensure the high quality of PVC flat pipes. Our workshop uses advanced equipment and manufacturing technique to produce high quality PVC lay flat tubing.

Choose Us as Your Reliable PVC Layflat Hose Supplier

As one of China's most professional PVC layflat hose suppliers, we have years experience in this industry. We always use premium quality materials to produce PVC flat hose pipe. Our PVC flexible hose is exported to America, Canada, Japan, Middle East, etc. And the quality of our PVC layflat hose is identified widely among our customers. If you want to order our PVC lay flat tubing or still have other questions, please leave a message through our website or write an email to us via sales@sinohose.com. We are sure that we can provide you with the best solution.
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