PU/Polyurethane Layflat Hose

PU/Polyurethane Layflat Hose

Polyurethane layflat hose is made from thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane (TPU) covered and lined by high pressure around a circular woven jacket made from high tenacity filament polyester yarn. Extreme abrasion resistance capability make our pu layflat hose adapt to more working condition.

PU/Polyurethane Layflat Hose Products

  • Irrigator PU Layflat Hose
    Irrigator PU Layflat Hose
    Our irrigator PU layflat hose are made from 100% high-strength polyester circular woven and imported PU compound. We use a single homogenous construction without any glues or adhesives.
  • Frac PU Layflat Hose
    Frac PU Layflat Hose
    Our frac PU layflat hose is made from extruded thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU) and circular woven polyester jacket.
  • Waterwell PU Layflat Hose
    Waterwell PU Layflat Hose
    Waterwell PU layflat hose is made of high-strength polyester jacket , PU cover and PU tube. We produce the PU layflat hose in one step of through-the weave procedure.
  • Concrete PU Layflat Hose
    Concrete PU Layflat Hose
    Concret polyurethane(PU)layflat hose are made from 100% high tenacity polyester jacket embedded in the PU compound.
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Advantages of PU/Polyurethane Layflat Hose

SUZHOU SEAPEAK CO.,LTD offers a wide range of polyurethane layflat hoses that have been specifically designed for various applications. We currently mainly supply the above four types of polyurethane layflat hose, including Irrigator PU Layflat Hose, Frac PU Layflat Hose, Waterwell PU Layflat Hose, and Concrete PU Layflat Hose. Without any glues or adhesives, our irrigator polyurethane layflat hose can well resist UV and kink. The frac polyurethane layflat hose uses "through-the-weave" production method, which makes it very strong between the bonding of cover and tube. Our waterfall polyurethane layflat hose adopts PU imported from Germany and is easy to be installed and uninstalled. The concrete polyurethane layflat hose adopts a heavy weave construction, which is is more abrasion-resistant compared with traditional concrete rubber hose.
PU/Polyurethane Layflat Hose

Choose Us for the Best PU/Polyurethane Layflat Hose

As one of the most reliable layflat hose suppliers in China, our mission is to market the best polyurethane layflat hose around the world. When choosing the best solution of polyurethane layflat hose, you need to know clear about where the polyurethane layflat hose is to be used. Besides, if you need to know our flat hose pipe prices, please contact us via sales@sinohose.com or call us at 86-512-65309372. We are willingly to offer you more information about our flat hose pipe. 
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