Hose Products by SEAPEAK
SEAPEAK is a leading manufacturer of PVC hose, rubber hose, fire hose, agricultural hose, industrial hose, mine hose, and marine hose for all applications. We also supply banded hose assembly and crimped hose assembly.
Hose Fittings by SEAPEAK
SEAPEAK stocks many kinds of hose fittings: Camlock coupling, Pin lug coupling, hose clamp, universal air hose coupling, ground joint coupling, Bauer coupling, kc nipple, hose mender, foot valve, strainer, whip check safety cable, garden hose coupling, an
Established in 1990, SUZHOU SEAPEAK CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of hose and hose fittings in China. Covering 6000 square meter, We now have annual sales turnovers in excess of USD15,000,000 and more than 60 workers at our factory. Our ISO9001 certification further demonstrates our commitment to providing high quality products.
We specialize in manufacturing hose and hose fittings, for which we inspect every lot of raw material and strictly control the production process. With many years valued experience in the industry , we can supply quality hose and fitting as per clients' requirements.
  • 30+ Years' Experience
  • Best Service Team
  • Custom Products
  • ISO9001 Certification
Latest News at SEAPEAK
  • 25 Nov , 2020
    The elements of selecting the camlock coupling
    Summarize the several elements of selecting the camlock coupling, that is, 5 English letters S.T.A.M.P.S-SIZE / size1. what size quick coupling is needed?2. What kind of port connection is needed?T-TE...
  • 18 Nov , 2020
    Specification for the use of rubber hoses
    This article is mainly to introduce the specification for the use of rubber hoses.(1) Pressure1. Be sure to use the rubber hose within the recommended temperature and pressure range.2. The rubber hose expands...
  • 11 Nov , 2020
    Maintenance of rubber hose
    Rubber hose belongs to rubber products. In the process of shipment and use, it is inevitable that some minor operations will cause damage to the rubber hose. So how should the rubber hose be maintaine...