Comparison of Rubber Hose and PVC Hose

Comparison of Rubber Hose and PVC Hose


Rubber hose: NR, SBR, NBR, CR, EPDM

PVC hose: PVC

PVC hose includes: PVC layflat hose, PVC steel wire reinforced hose, PVC fiber reinforced hose, PVC air hose, PVC suction hose, PVC garden hose, PVC air hose, PVC clear hose, PVC gas hose, China pvc hose for fire extinguisher, PVC shower hose, PVC welding hose.

Rubber hose includes: rubber air hose, rubber water hose, rubber gas hose, rubber multi-purpose hose, rubber oil hose, rubber chemical hose, high pressure washer hose, rubber welding hose, rubber sandblast hose, rubber concrete hose, rubber steam hose, rubber auto hose, rubber flame retardant breathing hose, rubber insulated hose, rubber push-lock hose, rubber dry ice hose , rubber food washing hose, rubber hydraulic hose.

Flexibility: Rubber hose usually has better flexibility and elasticity, and can bend and twist without breaking easily; PVC hose is relatively hard and have poor flexibility.

Heat resistance: Rubber hose pipes have a wider heat resistance range and can work under wider temperature -40℃-+120℃; PVC hose have relatively limited heat resistance -5℃-+60℃.

Chemical Resistance: The two kinds of hoses differ in their chemical resistance, depending on the chemicals they are exposed to. Generally speaking, PVC hoses have better resistance in acids, alkalis, and salts, while rubber hoses may be more resistant to some organic solvents.

Strength and pressure resistance: PVC hoses usually have high strength and pressure resistance; rubber hoses are relatively weak in this regard.

Price: Rubber hose is generally more expensive than PVC hose.

Application: As a pvc fire hose supplier, Seapeak 's rubber hoses are often used to transport liquids or gases, such as in industry, automobiles, aviation and other fields where flexibility and sealing are required; PVC hoses are often used in building drainage and water supply.

Wear resistance: The wear resistance of rubber hose is generally better than that of PVC hose.

Weight: PVC hoses are generally lighter than rubber hoses of the same size.

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