PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose

PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose

Our PVC fiber reinforced hose is used to transport water,gas,oil in agriculture and industry and Convey solid particles in mines,engineering etc.
Cover: clear smooth pvc
Reinforcement: multiple layers of synthetic yarns
Tube: clear smooth PVC
Temperature: -5 ℃ to +65℃
Good adaptability to hard condition and minus pressure,small bending radius,anti-abrasion, Anti-uv.
Passed the ROHS,PAHS test.
  • PVC Spray Hose
    PVC Spray Hose
    PVC spray hose is widely used in pneumatics, compressor, engine accessories, civil engineering, and air impact wrench.
  • PVC Air Hose
    PVC Air Hose
    PVC air hose is made of tough PVC materials and high tensile polyester reinforcement,it can work under very high pressure.
  • PVC Garden Hose
    PVC Garden Hose
    PVC garden hose is flexible hose used to convey water for garden. The hose is made of smooth black tube and green cover reinforced with high tensile polyester.
  • PVC Gas Hose
    PVC Gas Hose
    PVC gas hose is made of pvc cover and pvc tube reinforced with polyester yarn.
  • PVC Welding Hose
    PVC Welding Hose
    Two tubes welded together, light, elastic, easy to handle, anti-erosion.
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PVC Fibre Reinforced Hose Application

PVC fiber reinforced hose is widely used to convey water, oil, gas, and so on. We currently have five main products of PVC fiber hoses, including PVC spray fiber reinforced hose, PVC air fiber reinforced hose, PVC fiber garden reinforced hose, PVC gas fiber reinforced hose, and PVC welding fiber reinforced hose. As their names indicate, these different types of reinforced hose pipe are applied into different industries. You may click the reinforced PVC tubing page that you are interested to know additional information.
PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose

Choose Us for Excellent PVC Reinforced Hose

Our reinforced PVC tubing is available in custom lengths, colors and with a wide variety of end connections. Besides, our high-quality PVC fiber reinforced hose is made of premium raw materials, which can be used under a wide range of pressure and temperatures. Click the product detail pages of our PVC fiber reinforced hose to find out more abou how our PVC fiber hose can work for you. If you are not sure which type of PVC fiber hose best suits your needs, please contact us via sales@sinohose.com. Our professional sales will give you the right suggestion.
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