Large Hose Coupling-Multi Lug
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Large Hose Fittings With Multi Lug

Large Hose Coupling-Multi Lug

  • Large Hose Fittings With Multi Lug
Size: 4”, 6”,8”,10”, 12”
Material: aluminum

Features of large hose coupling-multi lug:
  • Excellent sealing: With the perfect combination of seamless aluminum body, and high-quality rubber  this coupling has excellent sealing performance.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance: the advantages of new material is its good corrosion resistance, especially for the pipe connection of a variety of purposes, for example the harsh environment of the seawater desalination and wastewater treatment engineering.
  • Prominent high pressure resistance, anti-fatigue: and experimental data shows that the composite material products can resist pressure up to 6.9 MPa, and it can work through 100,000 cycles of fatigue test of 5.5 MPa.
  • Light and beautiful: Compared to stainless steel products, its weight is only 50% of stainless steel,which is easy to transport. It can be made in various colors for different pipes.
  • Easy to operate: It makes the operation of pipe connection extremely convenient, with special accessories and more flexibility.
  • Special attachment is complete: We provide the special attachment of a variety of materials, caliber, interfaces to help it work under various environments.
  • Wide temperature ranges: It is suitable for temperatures from -17°C to 160°C.
  • High performance-to-price ratio: We provide products with good price, and guarantee the same performance as high-cost products.
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