Notes During Use of Clamp

Notes During Use of Clamp

The clamp is a tool used for gas, liquid and other links, and is widely used in industrial production. So what is the application process of the clamp? Next, we will give a relevant introduction.

The clamp has become the current first technology for the connection of liquid and gas pipelines. Although this technology has been developed later in the country than abroad, it has been quickly accepted by the domestic market due to its advanced technology. From the beginning of research and development in 1998 to the present, after only a few years of development and application, it has gradually replaced the two traditional pipe connection methods of flange and welding. Not only is the technology more mature, the market is also generally recognized, but it has also been actively guided by national laws and regulations.

Clamping process:
1. Use a pipe cutter to cut the steel pipe to the required length, and use a spirit level to check the cut section to ensure that the cut section is perpendicular to the central axis of the steel pipe. If the incision has burrs, it should be smoothed by a grinder.
2. The clamp clamps the steel pipe to be processed into grooves on the roll groover and the tail groove of the groove groove machine, and flatten it with a spirit level so that the steel pipe is in a horizontal position.
Single ear stepless clamp
3. The clamp clamps the steel pipe processing end section closely to the roll groove machine so that the center axis of the steel pipe is perpendicular to the roller surface.
4. Slowly press down. Jack, make the upper pressing wheel close to the steel tube, start the groover, and make the roller rotate one round. At this time, pay attention to observe whether the cross section of the steel pipe is still tight with the groover. If it is not tight, the pipe should be adjusted to level. If it is tight, slowly push down the jack to make the upper pressure roller evenly roll the steel pipe to the predetermined groove depth.
5. When the clamp is stopped, use a vernier caliper to check the depth and width of the groove. After confirming that it meets the standard requirements, unload the jack and take out the steel pipe. In the application process of the clamp, it is necessary to grasp the precautions, and pay attention to maintenance after use to prolong its life.