What Are the Advantages of Food-grade PVC Hose

What Are the Advantages of Food-grade PVC Hose

1. Introduction of food-grade PVC hose

Food-grade PVC hose is one of the main products of hose, and the quality of food-grade PVC hose is reliable. Food-grade PVC hoses are now mainly used in the processing of pharmaceuticals, biology and other technical fields. Food-grade PVC hoses are designed to have a large bend, resistance to tearing and will not emit any pungent smell. Food-grade PVC hoses can also be used in industries such as medical, cosmetics, food and beverage and dairy products.

2. Advantages of food-grade PVC hoses

Food-grade PVC hoses do not contain any additives and are also very effective in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology processing industries. Food-grade PVC hose is resistant to high temperature, low temperature and does not contain plasticizers or latex additives. Food-grade PVC hoses can be sterilized by high temperature and autoclaving. Food-grade PVC hose has a smooth inner wall, which reduces the possibility of adsorbing glumes.

Food-grade PVC hose helps to maintain the integrity of liquid transmission; the ultra-smooth inner cavity of food-grade PVC hose reduces the chance of adsorbing particles or microorganisms; food-grade PVC hose helps to clean and disinfect the entire system; ideal food-grade PVC hose, anti-kinking and deformation, built-in steel wire, better pressure resistance; it can be used to handle high pressure and complete vacuum, is an ideal food-grade PVC hose made of stainless steel. The above is the relevant information on food-grade PVC hoses for everyone, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.