What is the camlock coupling

What is the camlock coupling

CAMLOCKS is usually called camlock coupling (also called quick-change coupling, lever-type coupling or female-side coupling and quick-plug coupling). There are probably two sets of standards internationally. The US military standard MIL-C-27487 is now replaced by the standard A-A59326, and the other set is the European standard EN14420-7 (DIN2828). Its use feature is that it can be flexibly docked and converted according to different use requirements, and the male and female models can be interconnected under the same size. According to the different connection methods, two methods of handle and threaded connection are designed, which greatly improves the work efficiency. There are eight types in total, each size is 1 / 2 "- 8" (or dn20-dn100). For the safety of use, it is usually equipped with a safety pin device to prevent product leakage and injury caused by loose connection due to improper operation and excessive pressure during use. The standard has strict requirements on product pressure, and different materials have different pressures. The working pressure range is 50psi-250psi. The material can basically be divided into aluminum alloy, brass, stainless steel, plastic and other materials. According to the use and economic considerations, the required materials can be selected.

Camlock coupling is often used with lay flat hose, which is widely used in petroleum equipment, mining machinery, water conservancy, chemical industry, oil transportation, water (gas) supply system, etc. SEAPEAK is committed to the production and development of various hose fittings, strictly in accordance with international standards, to provide high-quality solutions for various industries. At present, we mainly provide four kinds of camlock couplings, including aluminum camlock coupling, brass camlock coupling, stainless steel camlock coupling and polypropylene camlock coupling. If you have any questions, please contact us at