7 Problems to Pay Attention to when Using Rubber Pipes

7 Problems to Pay Attention to when Using Rubber Pipes

Ⅰ. What should be paid attention to when using rubber pipe?

1. The rubber pipe expands and contracts with its internal pressure. Please cut the rubber pipe to a slightly longer length than you need.

2. Please use rubber pipe under the condition that the bending radius of the rubber pipe is above, otherwise it will cause the rubber pipe to break and reduce the pressure resistance.

3. Do not use it when the metal parts are bent.

4. Do not directly touch the rubber pipe with an open flame, and do not step on the rubber pipe with a vehicle or the like.

5. Be sure to use rubber tubing within the recommended temperature and pressure range.

6. When applying pressure, please open and close any valve slowly to avoid shock pressure.

7. When using powder and granules, it may be easy to wear according to the conditions. Please enlarge the bending radius of the rubber pipe as much as possible.

Ⅱ. Wide application of rubber pipe

With the improvement of the level of mechanization and the application of new materials, the rubber pipe belt industry has continuously penetrated into related fields, opening up the application range and fields of rubber pipe belts. The products are widely used in coal, metallurgy, cement, ports, mining, petroleum, Automobile, textile, light industry, construction machinery, construction, marine, agriculture, aviation, and other fields. For example, in the automotive industry, rubber pipes are mainly used to connect engines and air filters, engine and radiator systems, and automotive air conditioning systems.

At present, the varieties, specifications and quality of rubber pipe products have been continuously, rapidly, coordinated and healthy development, which basically meets the needs of the market and improves the market competitiveness of products.

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