How to Choose Suitable Industrial Rubber Hose?

How to Choose Suitable Industrial Rubber Hose?

Many customers will ask how to choose industrial rubber hose correctly? How to judge which industrial rubber hose is suitable for them? What are the external factors of industrial rubber hose? We have sorted out these general questions and responded accordingly.

1. Determine your rubber hose size

The inner diameter, outer diameter, length and tolerance of industrial rubber hose pipes.

2. Determine your circulation medium of the rubber hose

Liquid, solid, chemical composition, concentration, type and size.

3. Determine your rubber hose working conditions

Working pressure, burst pressure, continuous or intermittent use.

4. Other rubber hose parameters to be considered

Industrial rubber hose weight, elasticity, bending radius, conductivity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, flexibility, color, printing trademark on the surface of the hose, etc.

5. What are the structures of rubber hose pipes?

The surface is smooth and the surface is welded. The reinforcement layer includes steel wire spiral, steel wire weaving, fiber weaving, multi-layer synthetic fabric or others.

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