How to Choose the Right Rubber Pipe for You?

How to Choose the Right Rubber Pipe for You?

Rubber hose is an important part to ensure the normal operation of equipment such as automobiles, cranes, and loaders. When people buy and select rubber tubes, they often only pay attention to their materials, while ignoring other elements of the rubber tubes. The following are some considerations when we provide you with some choices.

1. Working pressure of the rubber pipe

When the rubber pipe is transporting materials, due to the flow rate of the material, the inner diameter of the rubber tube, etc., it has to withstand some pressure, and this pressure is divided into positive pressure and negative pressure. Therefore, rubber hoses are generally divided into low pressure hoses and high pressure hoses.

For the rubber tube, the rated working pressure we choose must be greater than the working pressure in actual use. Because once the pressure exceeds the maximum working pressure of the rubber tube, it will cause damage to the rubber tube, which may cause the rubber tube to rupture or even serious fracture accidents.

2. The shape of the rubber pipe

The shape of the rubber tube: conventional models are generally straight tubes, while other shapes of rubber tubes are collectively referred to as special-shaped tubes. A straight tube is a rubber tube with no bending in the entire tube body and no significant change in the inner diameter.

Special-shaped pipes refer to rubber pipes other than straight pipes, such as reduced diameter pipes with varying inner diameters, flat bends with plane bends, and some bends with three-dimensional bends.

When we use the rubber tube, we must choose the appropriate shape of the rubber tube. Otherwise, if the rubber tube is forcibly bent, the wall of the rubber tube may be damaged. Moreover, the pressure at various places in the tube will also change, which may exceed the range of the rated working pressure designed for the rubber tube.

3. The length of the rubber pipe

As for the length of the rubber tube, everyone knows that it cannot be used if the length is too short. However, some people think that it does not matter if the rubber tube is too long. This is a wrong idea.

Excessively long rubber tubes will inevitably be bent when used. Even if the degree of bending can withstand the rubber tube, the pressure on the bend of the tube body will increase to a certain extent when conveying materials. Therefore, the working pressure that the rubber tube can withstand in normal form may not be able to withstand it when it is bent.

In summary, when we buy rubber hoses, we must choose the right and corresponding ones.

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