How to Distinguish the Quality of Different Types of PVC Steel Wire Hose?

How to Distinguish the Quality of Different Types of PVC Steel Wire Hose?

1. Classification of the PVC steel wire hose

PVC steel wire hoses can be divided into five categories according to their purposes, namely threading hoses, drain hoses, shower hoses, ventilation hoses and wire harness hoses.

Among them, the threading hose is the most widely used. It is made of galvanized steel belt, stainless steel and some plastic materials. It has good flexibility, bendability and good load capacity; the surface of the threaded steel wire hose pipe is glossy, able to withstand high temperature, corrosion resistance, etc.

Even if the threading hose is stepped on by the foot, it will not be broken or deformed, and will quickly return to its original shape, and the hose itself will not be damaged.

According to the material, PVC steel wire hose can be divided into stainless steel, metal, corrugated, rubber and plastic types. Stainless steel hose pipe has advantages of flexibility, corrosion resistance and high temperature, but also has a certain shielding effect.

It is often used as a signal wire for protecting automation equipment. Metal steel wire hose pipes are divided into two categories, spiral corrugated pipes and annular corrugated pipes.

Among them, the spiral corrugated pipe is often used, and the corrugations of this hose can be connected together by a spiral wire. Compared with the spiral corrugated pipe, the annular corrugated pipe has a shorter length, but has good elasticity.

Corrugated hose has the characteristics of light weight, extreme weather resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It can also absorb energy, play the role of shock absorption and noise reduction, and is often used in liquid delivery systems.

PVC steel wire hoses can generally be divided into two categories. No matter which type of PVC steel wire hoses, they have the characteristics of high elasticity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good flexibility, and their service life is very long. It is a kind of hose with ideal performance and a wide range of uses, so when you choose, it is recommended to choose PVC steel wire hose.

2. How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of PVC steel wire hose

In most cases, there are no testing tools and testing conditions. But we can roughly identify the quality of the PVC steel wire hose based on the senses of vision, smell, touch and so on.

(1) Observe whether the lumen is regular and whether the wall thickness is uniform. The inner cavity and outer edge of the high-quality PVC steel wire hose are standard circular, and the annular pipe wall is evenly distributed.

(2) Observe whether there are bubbles or other visible objects on the wall of the PVC steel wire hose, and whether it is colorless and transparent. The wall of the high-quality PVC steel wire hose is crystal clear and free of any impurities. The yellowish color of the defective PVC steel wire hose may be caused by decomposition, aging or long-term improper storage during the production process due to improper handling.

(3) The high-quality PVC steel wire hose has no smell of other petrochemical products except a little plastic smell. The inferior steel wire hose pipe has an unpleasant pungent diesel smell. Especially in the hot summer, people can't get close to it.

(4) The inner and outer pipe walls of high-quality PVC steel wire hose are smooth and feel good, while those of low-quality pipes are rough.

(5) When measuring wall thickness, both ends of the PVC steel wire hose should be cut off, and the middle tube should be selected as a sample for testing to prevent some illegal manufacturers from making fuss on both ends of the pipe. The actual wall thickness is thinner than that of two ends of the pipe.

(6) Cut a few centimeters of steel wire at both ends of the PVC steel wire hose, and fold the steel wire repeatedly to measure the strength and toughness of the PVC steel wire hose. Poor quality steel wire will break after one or two folds.

The steel wire of high-quality PVC steel wire hose needs special tools to cut off. The quality of the steel wire determines the quality of the entire pipe. The PVC steel wire hose with quality problems caused by the steel wire is prone to irreversible deformation.

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