How to Preserve PVC Hose Pipes?

How to Preserve PVC Hose Pipes?

Ⅰ. PVC hose pipes are widely used

PVC hose pipes are widely used, such as gas pipes, solar water pipes, and water pipes for car washing and flower watering. There are many types of PVC reinforced hoses on the market. Do you know how to store PVC hoses? Let's explain in detail the storage method of the hose.

Ⅱ. The storage method of PVC hose pipe

1. Storage method

PVC hose pipe should be stored and placed in a way that does not bear excessive stress, elongation or deformation, and avoid contact with sharp objects or the ground. Whenever possible, use storage racks to store hose products. Coiled hoses or hose assemblies should be stored flat, not stacked. If stacking is unavoidable, the height of the stack should be limited, that is, the limit should not cause permanent deformation of the hoses stacked on the bottom layer. Coiled PVC hose pipes shall not be hung on wooden stakes. Hoses and hose assemblies supplied in a straight state should be stored flat and must not be bent. Large-caliber PVC hose pipes used in the petroleum industry should be installed at the ends.

2. Animal bites: PVC hose pipes should be protected from rodents. If there is such a danger, the product should be properly protected.

3. Delivery

It should be noted that it is necessary to ensure that the PVC hose pipes out of the warehouse are stored under the correct storage conditions and consistent with their intended use. Therefore, the marking of different types of hose products in the inventory is very important.