Polyurethane PU Lining Agricultural Fire-fighting Water Belt

Polyurethane PU Lining Agricultural Fire-fighting Water Belt

Agricultural water belts are all made of high-strength polyester and high-quality PU synthetic materials; lightweight, good flexibility, bright colour, smooth coating; semi-easy to roll, easy to move, unlimited length; soft and elastic tube rest can be maintained in low-temperature water; high pressure, corrosion resistance, ultraviolet ray resistance, wear resistance, ageing resistance. Polyurethane layflat hose is the most ideal water-saving irrigation tool in China at present. It can save water and land, save energy, increase production, save cost, use conveniently, prevent soil erosion and soil alkalization, etc.

Fire hose

PU/Polyurethane Layflat Hose is made of high strength polyester filament woven with polyurethane film lining. Flat hose pipe can be used in firebox, industry, agriculture, building, ship and so on.

Product characteristics

PVC fiber hose has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance and ageing resistance.

PU/Polyurethane Layflat Hose is light in weight, fast in the affluent, easy to coil and easy to use, suitable for various working occasions.


The standard colour of fire hose series products is white.

Length specification

Standard length is 20 meters, 25 meters

Working temperature range
-30 ~ 46 ℃

As an experienced lay flat hose manufacturer, SUZHOU SEAPEAK CO., LTD can customize the special length according to customer needs. If you want to know flat hose pipe prices, please contact us via sales@sinohose.com