What Are the Application Industries of PVC Steel Wire Hose?

What Are the Application Industries of PVC Steel Wire Hose?

Ⅰ. What are the classifications of PVC steel wire hose?

1. PVC steel wire hoses are mainly divided into: threading hoses, drainage hoses, ventilation hoses, shower hoses, and wire harness tubes according to their uses.

2. PVC steel wire hoses are mainly divided into stainless steel hoses, metal hoses, corrugated hoses, rubber hoses, and plastic hoses according to raw materials.

Threading hose: threading hose is mainly steel wire hose made of galvanized steel strip, stainless steel strip, PA, PE, PP and other plastic materials, threading hose insulation protection, lighting equipment, automobile manufacturing, aviation equipment, subway, train, automation control and other occupations of wire and cable protection.

Threaded hose features: good flexibility, twist resistance, good bending performance, threaded steel wire hose can withstand heavy loads; threaded hose is resistant to acid, lubricating oil, coolant, etc., threaded hose has a shiny appearance and is resistant to friction.

The threaded steel wire hose can withstand the heavy pressure of the foot, without cracking, deformation, and quick recovery, and the threaded hose itself has no damage.

Stainless steel hose: Stainless steel hose mainly refers to the hose made of 304 stainless steel or 301 stainless steel.

Ⅱ. The use of PVC steel wire hose

PVC steel wire hose can be divided into industrial grade (specially transporting industrial water, oil, sewage, powder, chemical raw materials, etc.).

Wind power generation, suction and drainage, oil, low-concentration chemicals and other liquid and solid particles, powdery materials, no matter what kind of use, the material itself must be "non-corrosive" and "low-concentration chemical" substances.

The steel wire hose is a PVC hose embedded with a steel wire skeleton. The inner and outer walls of the PVC steel wire hose are transparent, smooth, and free of air bubbles, and the fluid transportation is clearly visible;

Resistance to low concentration of acid and alkali, high elasticity, not easy to aging, long service life; high pressure resistance, can maintain the original shape under high pressure and vacuum.

1. High elasticity, high strength galvanized wire, PVC synthetic material;

2. Clear and transparent tube body, good flexibility and small bending radius;

3. PVC steel wire hose is resistant to high negative pressure, corrosion resistance, non-toxic materials, and long service life;

4. Applied to the suction and discharge of liquid, gas, oil, and dust in the fields of agricultural water pump machinery, oil depots, petrochemical equipment, industry, engineering mines, and food manufacturing. Can replace rubber hose in most working environments.

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