Assemble Coupling for 10” PVC Layflat Hose

Assemble Coupling for 10” PVC Layflat Hose

We assemble 10" Storz coupling for 10" blue PVC layflat hose. Most of 10" storz couplings are produced for fire hose(PU layflat hose, PVC/Nitrile layflat hose or nitrile layflat hose). The thickness of 10" fire hose is about 4mm because working pressure of fire hose is about 150PSI. The working pressure of PVC layflat hose is only 35PSI. The thickness is about 2.4mm.

When buy 10" storz coupling, we have to inform manufacturer of storz coupling which hose will be used. The manufacturer of hose coupling will adjust inner diameter of clamp. PVC layflat hose assembly will leak if clamps of storz coupling not adjust. Another important issue is that rubber pipe manufacturer must use rated torque to tightening the collar bolts on these couplings.


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