PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose, an Important Component in Industry

PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose, an Important Component in Industry

PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose is an important component in modern industry. PVC fiber hose is used as wire and cable maintenance pipe and civil shower hose for wire, cable, automatic appearance signal, standard from 3 mm to 150 mm. Small-calibre metal hose (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) is mainly used for the maintenance of the sensing circuit of the fine optical ruler and industrial sensor circuit.

PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose products include oil hose, steam hose, sandblasting hose, acid-base hose, food hose, oxygen-blowing hose and various special-shaped hose. It is widely used in machinery, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, food and other professions. The pressure range of hose is usually PN0.6-32.0 Mpa. The maximum is 42.0 MPa. Metal hose is the primary pressure-bearing part of hose installed in pressure pipeline. Together, it sheaths the bellows. According to the pressure in the pipeline and the application place, one or more layers of stainless steel wire or steel belt can be selected for weaving.

Fiber Reinforced Hose silicone rubber can be used in medical industry because it has many unique and good properties, such as good physiological inertia, body fluid corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, excellent biocompatibility, little reaction to human tissues, no foreign body reaction in vivo, no inflammation to surrounding tissues, etc. In the medical field, many medical polymer materials are made of silicone rubber.